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We checked in with Buzz Gould midday to see how the day was treating him. He only gave us a few seconds of his time.


So are things working out as planned, Buzz?

Buzz (Confidence totally regained):

Yes, I can't believe I let my guard down like that. We see opportunity everywhere today. We are so happy that the public is in buying the dip. And you know we got a ton of money in too and we are putting it to work in all of our big-cap tech names.


But how about all of those recent stocks, those new issues? How are they doing?


Not so great yet. The day is still young. Once we are through propping up the older names, we will then go in and take up the newer ones. Those old cots who say, "You can't buy the dip" -- we are going to crush those guys. Boy am I glad I didn't cancel that Hamptons place. What was I thinking?


So it is just business as usual?

Buzz (Overheard shouting to trader):

Take that



up another 15 points to get the

NAV back to even! And walk up that



, I don't care how much it costs!

I'm sorry Jim, what is the question?


Never mind.

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