"Screw those shorts, get 'em Batchy, take that PMC Sierra (PMCS) . Take it. I don't care if you have to get it up 30, I want that one higher." Yep, we are back with our two favorites, Buzz Gould and Batch Hammer, and they are rejoicing, singing and dancing with one hand free, so to speak. Let's listen in to some desk banter.


Told you not to get down, Batch. Our concentrated futures buying with the other mutual fund guys Monday at 3:30 p.m. really got people caught looking the wrong way. What a blitzkrieg that was!! Now we can walk up all our faves all day and really get the charts going again. That's lay-up stuff, Batch, natch!


I knew I never should have doubted you, Buzz. Can't believe I almost went Biggzy this weekend. Phew!! Hey, Buzz, I am thinking of buying some



up 10, what do you think?


How much do we own right now?


We have about 200,000 shares.


No, that's not meaningful enough. I would rather have you take



up. We are sitting on a 30-point loss on 500,000 shares. Redback is only up 14 now. Why don't you go to

Morgan Stanley

and tell them to take Redback to $75, shorting it all the way up, and then when it gets there, go into

Goldman Sachs

and get an offering on 100,000 shares up three.

Take 'em. Then we will have two firms short the stock and it will end up at par (100) and we will be up about 4 % at the end of the day. Then I will bull it on buy/sell/hold tomorrow on TV and gaffe both firms, locking in good performance for tomorrow. Whamma-jamma Bama!


Geez, boss, it's like


(MSFT) - Get Report

never happened. It's like we tested the low and now we are back and bigger than ever. Sound of fists smacking.


I love this stock game.

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