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Business Books to Avoid

Also, we talk about securities arbitration, a not-so-hot IPO deal and more.

A compilation of this week's Dear Dagen and Fixed-Income Forum columns.

A Don't-Buy List for the Bookstore
By Dagen McDowell
The seasonal flood of investing books is about to begin. Here's a look at what to avoid. More

Reader Advises Hiring a Lawyer for Securities Disputes
By Dagen McDowell
Don't go into arbitration without one, he says. But another reader points out that some disputes can be settled with a few well-worded letters. More

IPO Shares Make Good Bait Though They're Not Always Good Investments
By Dagen McDowell
Fidelity's deal with Friedman Billings Ramsey seems to be a mixed blessing for its brokerage customers. More

Why Can't a Manager Take His Record to a New Fund?
By Dagen McDowell
As far as advertising is concerned, regulators have ruled that a record belongs to the fund, not the manager. More

What's Going On With the Money-Market Funds Stuck With General American Paper?
By Elizabeth Roy
Plus, a list of the affected funds (not just the companies). More