The bulls went on a rampage in the RealMoney Barometer survey this week.

They got 1,309 votes, or 68% of the 1,934 cast; the bears managed only 305 votes, or 16%, while neutral came in with 17%, or 320 votes.

A new bullish sector emerged, precious metals dominated for so long. That sector is Internet a software services. Once again, though, homebuilders made up the bearish sector.

The rampant bullishness in the poll conflicts with the market's performance Monday, as stocks sold off. Crude oil futures rose to more than $85 a barrel, weighing on stocks.


Dow Jones Industrial Average

was recently down 165 points to 13,928. The

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Nasdaq Composite

was 34 points lower to 2772, and the

S&P 500

was off 18 points to 1544.

The complete poll results are below.

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