A compilation of this week's Dear Dagen and Fixed-Income Forum columns.

Jacob's Ladder to Fund Fame Is No Easy Climb
By Dagen McDowell
A look at how five other star managers fared on their own. More

Why Bother With Micro-Cap Funds?
By Dagen McDowell
The risks outweigh any boost these funds could give to your portfolio. More

Another Round of 'Where Are They Now?'
By Dagen McDowell
Plus, more items from the mailbag, including a reader's critique of the Janus Web site. More

Your Short-Sale Proceeds Draw No Interest From Brokerages
By Dagen McDowell
Yes, when you borrow shares and sell them short, the proceeds do earn interest. But usually not for you. More

In Defense of TIPS
By Elizabeth Roy
The idea that taxes render inflation-indexed Treasuries a bad investment rings false to anyone who's held them this year. More