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Michael Bloomberg is so grotesquely rich, if it were possible, he would create a huge electromagnetic field in midtown Manhattan to draw every single firearm away from mischievous bar flies and inebriated rapscallions.

Sadly, we’re not quite there technologically, so the Mayor is taking another route: the law.

In a press release issued by the mayor’s office today, Bloomberg along with state senator Jeffrey D. Klein announced “the introduction of legislation that would make it illegal to carry a gun while intoxicated in New York State.”

The new law would use “the same legal standard as driving while intoxicated to prohibit carrying a gun while drunk.”

Bars in New York sure ain’t what they used to be. You can’t smoke your tobacco treats in bars, you can’t bring guns to bars… I really hope we’re still allowed to play Big Buck Hunter and use the word "money" as an adjective.

Other states have taken a different approach. “The state of Tennessee recently joined 37 other states allowing guns in bars,” notes one report. “Although the new law prohibits consuming alcohol while carrying a handgun, Gov. Phil Bredesen believes mixing firearms with alcohol is an ‘invitation to a disaster.’”

So in Tennessee, you can bring your gun into a bar, but once you start drinking, you’ve got to get rid of it. So I guess if I’m ever in a bar in Tennessee, I know not to mess with the guy sipping Perrier.

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