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The last time you flew, did you feel like a customer, or just like another piece of cargo?

Whatever your answer, it's likely because of the airline you chose for your flight.

This ranking of airlines around the world shows which airlines offer the best service, fly on time, and treat passengers fairly if problems occur.

AirHelp, a passenger rights service that helps travelers travelers get compensation after a disrupted flight, examined and ranked 72 of the world's airlines based on a range of data sources from 2018 and a survey of thousands of air passengers around the world.

The airlines are scored on three criteria: on-time service, (flights that arrive and depart within 15 minutes of their scheduled time) service quality-air passengers were asked to rate the food, comfort and crew of their most used airlines- and claim processing. Claim processing is how efficiently airlines handle compensation claims, including how long it takes them to pay out. Each of these categories is one-third of the score, and AirHelp scored the airlines from 0-10.

Based on AirHelp's study, these are the best airlines in the world.

Photo: Robert Hoetink / Shutterstock