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Cheap, Fun, Safe and Hassle-Free: Best U.S. Cities to Visit This Summer

There are still many onerous restrictions on travel outside the U.S., so here are 30 American cities to entertain the whole family that are easy to get to and affordable overall.

The European Union has loosened some restrictions for outside travelers, but it’s still pretty complicated to go there. According to United Airlines  (UAL) , the majority of countries in the world still impose a range of Covid restrictions and requirements, from tests and quarantines to forms, applications, and proof of health insurance.

So this might be the summer to see the U.S.

Which American cities offer the most bang for the buck? To find out, WalletHub developed a ranking of the cheapest U.S. destinations that are also the easiest to reach. Researchers analyzed 100 of the largest metro areas across 42 key indicators, including the cost of the cheapest flight to the number of attractions to Covid-19 cases.

Compared with other rankings that focus on each destination’s scenic quality, this ranking focuses primarily on the cost and convenience of traveling to each location as well as its affordability. The ranking does take into account the number of attractions and variety of activities in each destination.

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Based on WalletHub’s study, these are the best places to visit this summer: