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The Best Things to Buy in May

From mattresses to appliances, May is a good month to find deals on some big purchases.

I say this every month, “I can’t believe it’s already the month of (fill in the blank.)” And this month is no different; I can’t believe it’s already May.

As we are well into the second quarter of 2021, certain stores will start their pre-summer sales which means deals for the consumer.

Memorial Day is May 31 but sales will start earlier, offering deals on everything from summer clothes to outdoor furniture. Look for additional ways to save on already low prices with store loyalty rewards and manufacturer coupons. Here are just some of the best buys you will find in May:

Mattress stores typically offer their best deals a couple of times a year and Memorial Day is one of those times.

In addition to sale prices, ask for some perks like sheets and pillows. Most people don’t realize they can negotiate the prices on most mattresses. Some stores will even sell floor models or returns (always sanitized) at a deep discount. 

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Find out what the mattress warranty is and what the return policy is (in case you find the bed extremely uncomfortable.) It is good to have some type of a guarantee that you can return or exchange a mattress. In addition to comparing price and comfort, compare each manufacturer’s warranty and return\exchange policy. Some stores require you to purchase their water-resistant cover otherwise you can’t return the mattress.

May is National Barbecue Month which works out perfectly with Memorial Day weekend as the kick-off to summer and barbecues. You might find lower prices toward the end of summer and Labor Day weekend, but the styles and selection will be limited. Plus, you will have missed all the summer outdoor cooking if you wait! Look for perks that go beyond sales. Some stores offer free assembly, free delivery, and taking your old grill away.

New models for most appliances hit later in the year with the exception of refrigerators. You will find new models being introduced throughout the spring and summer, so stores will lower their prices on prior year models to make room for new designs. Energy Star appliances can help save money on energy bills. Before you start to shop, check the Most Efficient rated appliances through Energy Star. Check with your gas and electric company—some will offer credits and rebates for replacing an older refrigerator.

Celebrate the month of May with the American Public Gardens Association Go Public Gardens. Through May 16 you can enjoy events that highlight the beauty of public gardens.

Jeanette Pavini is an Emmy Award winning journalist specializing in consumer news and protection. She is the author of “The Joy of $aving: Money Lessons I Learned From My Italian-American Father & 20 Years as a Consumer Reporter.” Jeanette is a regular contributor to TheStreet. Her work includes reporting for CBS, MarketWatch, WSJ Sunday, and USA Today. Jeanette has contributed to “The Today Show” and a variety of other media outlets. You can follow her moneysaving tips on Facebook: Jeanette Pavini: The Joy of $aving Community. Find links to her social media and her book at