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announced a new product Tuesday -- an entertainment hub called

Google Play

. While the


mentions such features as the ability to store thousands of songs for free in the cloud and download more than 450,000 apps and games, the truth is that those features have already been available via Google Music and Android Market.

Indeed, the main innovation here seems to be that Google's various entertainment properties are being brought under one roof, so you'll go to one Web site to get all the books, music and apps you need. In other words, it feels like this is Google's answer to


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Google's new entertainment service has at least one real benefit to consumers: The deals promoting it.

Other than increased convenience, then, there isn't really much here that's new for consumers -- which is probably why Google is trying to drum up some publicity by kicking off Google Play with a week of great deals on content.

What sort of deals? Well, they started off with the pop music compilation

Now That's What I Call Music! 41 costing just 25 cents

(the lead track, LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It," is well worth the price of admission). The album is available on


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for $7.99. Google said it would offer six more albums for the same low price over the week.

What else could you buy for next to nothing? Well, there are movies here too, and the deals started with the Chris Evans movie

TheStreet Recommends


(which got

mixed reviews

) for 25 cents. In the e-book section you could get the novel

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

for 25 cents, and in the app section you could get the game

Where's My Water

for a quarter as well.

There are also

several movies

that can be rented for just 99 cents, which you have 30 days to watch (though once you start watching you have 48 hours before it needs to be returned). Select albums, books and apps are also discounted this week.

In addition to these all-week discounts there will also be a different 25-cent book, movie, app and album featured every day, so check back at

throughout this week to see what else you can snag.

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