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Why not find a better summer job that is fun and rewarding? Here are the top five best summer jobs and where you can find them:

Who doesn’t want to spend the summer poolside? You can look for government-sponsored life guarding jobs at or check your local state and city government web sites for local listings. You can also apply for jobs at country clubs, private residences or life guarding agencies in your city. You will need to have training in water safety and emergency response techniques, so be prepared to undergo at least a weekend of intensive training. These classes can be found at the nearest Red Cross branch.

Resort Jobs
Whether at a beach or ski getaway, there’s nothing like working at a resort over your summer vacation. Not only will you be surrounded by beautiful scenery, but most resorts also provide employees with discounts on rooms, food and entertainment. This can be a great way to pay for a fabulous vacation and still earn money in the process. offers listings of fun resort jobs all over the country.

Traveling Au Pair lists nanny jobs all over the country. You can choose jobs for the duration of the summer to take advantage of prime traveling time for many upscale families. Most of your time will be spent taking care of children, but all your travel expenses are typically covered, as well as room and board. Salaries range from a few hundred dollars a week to more than $1,000 a week for high-profile families.

Cruise Ship Jobs
Want to travel while you work? Cruise ships offer students great summer positions that can take you all around the world. Keep in mind, though, that you will be subject to different rules than ship passengers. Although you will be allowed to go on some excursions, many staff members are limited to how much they can leave the ship, so be sure to read contract details carefully before embarking on a cruise ship assignment. Also, you may need a passport, so be sure to apply for this from the federal government at least six weeks before applying for a position. has complete listings of cruise ship jobs leaving from locations all over the U.S. You can sign up for installments over your summer vacation or throughout the year, if you have the time to dedicate to constant travel.

As typical as this sounds, getting a job in retail can actually be one of the most rewarding positions for young people. (Hey, most stores are air-conditioned!) You can get discounts on your favorite clothes, shoes or other items to outfit you for the upcoming school year. Check out for listings of retail jobs in your area.

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