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Ah yes, the highs and lows of getting a hot date to the high school prom. Nothing a few years of therapy and a Zoloft prescription can’t solve… or, in the case of Dakota Ridge High School senior Conner Cordova, an aggressive YouTube campaign.

Seventeen-year-old Cordova didn’t want to settle for the ordinary. A high school girl, not famous or anything, just wouldn’t cut it for him. So he reportedly launched “a series of YouTube videos to get UFC Octagon Girl and Maxim model Arianny Celeste to go to the prom with him.”

You can check out all of his YouTube videos here (he’s had a few hundred thousand views, and we expect that number to skyrocket in the coming days). Some just focus on his love of Ultimate Fighting, but there are a bunch that specifically court Arianny. Here’s our favorite one, complete with a Neil Diamond impersonation. Nicely done, bro.

His ploy hit critical mass… and worked. The object of his affection has agreed to go with him to the prom, “as long as Cordova has a date for her friend.”

Assuming her friend is also a famous Maxim model, probably won’t be too hard for him to take care of that.

No snark here. Kudos to young Cordova. Be sure to keep your clippings, as any ad agency or social media firm with two neurons to rub together would dig your bravado. Alex Bogusky, are you reading? Give this kid an internship. Preferably paid, so he can take Arianny somewhere fun.

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