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This year has certainly been one for reevaluating many things for many people. Many Americans are rethinking work, education, finances, family and where they live. Before the world ground to a halt in the spring, many people lived where they lived because that’s where the job was. They lived where they could afford it, and commuted whatever distance was required.

With more than 226,000 dead from Covid-19, nearly 43,000 people currently hospitalized with the disease, and millions still unemployed, priorities have changed. These days, safety matters more than ever. Living somewhere more affordable is within reach for remote workers. Community becomes more valued, and new opportunities appear even in a challenging time.

To compile their annual list of the best places to live in America, ranked more than 1,000 cities with populations between 20,000 and one million using data from GIS company Esri. Livability scored each city based on more than 40 data points grouped into eight categories:

• Amenities

• Demographics

• Education

• Economy

• Health Care

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• Housing

• Social and Civic Capital

• Transportation and Infrastructure

They also used the results of a survey of more than 1,000 millennials about the factors that are most important to them when deciding where to live, using the results to determine how much weight to give to each data point. The main themes were affordability, job opportunities, diversity and inclusion.

The No. 1 city, Fort Collins, Colo., is set against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and known for outdoor recreation, outstanding natural areas, bike trails and a vibrant and friendly downtown.

Based on Livability’s ranking, here are 30 of the best places to live in America. TheStreet added typical home prices for each city, based on Zillow’s  (Z)  Home Value Index through Sept. 2020.