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We just took a look at charging stations that make it easy to charge multiple devices in one location throughout the day or while you sleep. And now it’s time to look at wall adapters that have multiple ports that eliminate the need to have multiple outlets taken up to charge, say, your laptop and phone at the same time.

And thanks to GaN technology, these wall adapters are getting smaller while simultaneously getting more powerful. For example, the just-released Anker 737 provides up to 120W worth of power – more than enough to charge a laptop, iPad and iPhone at the same time without skipping a beat.

If you’re tired of having all your gadgets spread out across the home, taking up multiple outlets, and want something that can fast charge all of your devices in one spot, there’s no better option than a multiport wall adapter. Below you’ll find some of our top picks.

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Most Versatile Wall Adapter: Anker 737 Charger (GaNPrime 120W)

Anker just announced its latest charging tech, GaNPrime, and these wall adapters use new tech to quickly and efficiently charge your devices. The Anker 737 Charger has a total of three ports -- two USB-C and a lone USB-A -- with a total output of 120-watts between them. The 737 can identify the battery level and maximum input for each device that’s connected to it. It’ll then begin focusing most of its output to the device with the lowest battery first, and once it’s full it’ll switch to the next device, and so forth. Early reviews on Amazon say that the adapter is longer and heavier than expected and some are having a hard time with it staying in an older outlet. In my testing, it didn’t fall down but is longer than previous versions.

  • Anker 737 Charger (GaNPrime 120W) ($94.99; or

Best all-around for Apple Devices: Apple 35W Dual USB-C Port Compact Power Adapter

The 35W Dual USB-C Port Compact Power Adapter is Apple’s first wall adapter that’s equipped with two ports for charging multiple devices. Its power output is 35-watt, which is lower than the rest we’ve included here. However, Apple designed it to charge multiple devices at the same time, including a MacBook Air. The charger is smart enough to know when an Apple device is connected to it -- a MacBook Air, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or AirPods -- and then adjust each port’s output to accommodate the device’s needs.

For instance, if you connect a MacBook Air and your Apple Watch to the wall adapter, it’ll send 27.5W to the MacBook Air, and 7.5W to the Apple Watch. If you connect an iPhone or iPad to the adapter while you’re also charging a MacBook Air, it’ll split the output evenly at 17.5W. It’s a compact design with prongs that fold into the housing, making it easy to throw into your backpack or even a pocket.

In my view, it’s the best option for those solely with Apple  (AAPL)  devices, especially for traveling or working remotely since it can intelligently split up power between them.

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  • Apple 35W Dual USB-C Port Compact Power Adapter ($59.00;

Best Compact Design: Nomad Goods 65W Power Adapter

Nomad Goods’ 65-watt Power Adapter packs a punch in a small, portable footprint. With the prongs folded in (or inserted into the wall), it measures 2.2- x 2.07- x 1.33-inches. And with a total output of 65-watt, it’s capable of charging most devices through one of its two USB-C ports. When you’re using both ports, the top port will provide up to 45W of power while the bottom port uses the remaining 20W of power. Even though there aren’t any labels on the front of the charger, it’s easy to remember which port is the faster port because it’s blue on the inside.

Overall a slim and ultra-portable wall plug, that doesn’t skimp on ports or maximum output for fast charging.

Best for multiple devices: Satechi 66W USB-C 3-Port GaN Wall Charger

Satechi’s 66-watt wall adapter has three USB-C ports stacked atop one another. Each one has a different maximum output, going from 66W on the top, to the lower two ports splitting up power based on how many devices are plugged into it. The middle port maxes out at 45W, while the bottom port is capped at 30W. What I really like about this particular charger is that it’s built so it comes out of the wall outlet and goes down, instead of sticking out straight from the wall as most wall adapters do. This orientation means you don’t have an adapter sticking far out of your desk’s outlet, or coming out of a wall outlet where it can more easily be bumped. Like the rest of our picks, the prongs on the adapter fold in for easy storage and portability. And simply, the sheer ability to charge three devices at once makes this versatile.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GaN charger?

GaN stands for gallium nitride. It’s a relatively new material that’s being used in wall adapters and chargers that is more efficient because it doesn’t produce as much heat as previous technology. The end result is smaller wall adapters that are capable of higher outputs.

How do I know how many watts I need?

It all depends on which devices you need to charge. The easiest way to figure it out is to search your specific model and charging speed or watt. For example, the search “iPhone 13 Pro Max charge watt” will tell you that this particular iPhone can charge at speeds up to 27W.

Are these wall adapters device specific?

Not at all. They all have USB-C ports (and the lone USB-A option) that will provide power to any device plugged into it with a compatible cable. For instance, a USB-C to Lightning cable for an iPhone or AirPods, or a USB-C to USB-C cable for any USB-C device like a Pixel 6a or Sony LinkBuds S.

Prices are accurate and items in stock at time of publishing.