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The Best Luxury Vehicles of 2020

There are plenty to choose from, and they're loaded with high-end features
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There are so many luxury vehicle choices on the market now, with a range of prices, it might be tough to choose one. Whether a sporty little convertible, a big SUV, a wagon, or an electric, in these and other segments shoppers will find all of the features that make these cars luxury.

That means more comfortable interiors, fancier materials, more advanced infotainment technology, and more driver safety features, according to car research site, which compiled this list of top luxury vehicles, based on their testing of hundreds of cars each year.

This list includes Edmund’s best vehicles in eight categories:

  • Luxury SUVs
  • Luxury Sedans
  • Luxury Hybrids and Plug-Ins
  • Luxury Electric Cars and Electric SUVs
  • Luxury Coupes
  • Luxury Convertibles
  • Luxury Wagons
  • Luxury Sports Cars

Expect these cars to have everything including a plethora of customization options, white-glove service programs, more acceleration than mainstream brands, premium interiors, new tech options, driver assistance, stylish cabins and smooth handling. Prices here range from just over $30,000 to six figures.

Here are some of the best luxury vehicles on the market right now: