Yep, Friendship day is an actual genuine thing. According to, it occurs on the first Sunday of August. I can honestly say I had no idea Friendship Day was a thing. Perhaps I don't have enough friends. If you do have some good friends, and want to get them something fun, here are a few ideas.

Best Gift Ideas for Friendship Day 2019:

1. Go Golfing

If you aren't going to go buy actual gifts for this, gather your bros and offer to pay for a round of golf. You can't beat being outside, and you might just start a tradition for years to come.

2. Take a Trip 

Get your friends together and take a road trip. Go to the beach. Go to a ballgame. Go to a local restaurant you all like if you want to keep it cheap.

3. Quality Spirits

Does your friend have a favorite wine or spirit? Find a high quality bottle of their favorite drink. Something like Dewar's Scotch, Johnnie Walker whisky, and a quality bottle of wine that can be saved for a party or special event. It's a nice little indulgence that most people will never splurge on.

4. Flowers

Maybe if you're smart, you'll take advantage of this "holiday" to score some extra points with a girlfriend. Buy her flowers.

5. Cards Against Humanity

Whether you're buying for women or men, Cards Against Humanity is a gift that keeps on giving. The card game essentially involves picking cards with painfully awkward questions, and then everyone votes which player most fits the description. This is a game that can strengthen bonds or break friendships forever. It's a lot of fun.

6. YETI Cooler

The gift that keeps on giving, a high quality cooler can be used for so many activities. Whether at the beach, a tailgate, a cookout, or anything in between, a YETI is definitely a gift that will be appreciated by all. You don't necessarily have to spend $300 either. They make a plethora of sizes, as well as other products including traditional tumblers, wine tumblers, blankets, jugs, bottles and everything in between. It's a gift friends will appreciate more and more as they use it.

7. Three-Person Chess Set

Is your friend a rogue scholar? Furthermore, do they routinely take pride in beating you at intellectual activities? Even the score by getting them a three person chess set. It's a lot more complicated, and changes things up just enough that you might sneak a victory.

8. Concert Tickets

Does your friend have a favorite artist or band? Buy some tickets for an upcoming event. This one will take a little more planning, and probably won't fall in line with the actual Friendship Day, but it'll be a good gift that you'll both be able to enjoy.

9. Decanter

A quality whiskey decanter (you can use them for any liquor), is a sure fire gift idea. It makes someone's bar look that more sophisticated, and won't break your bank to buy. Wine decanters make excellent gifts as well.

10. What Do You Meme? 

Another excellent game for a group of friends, What Do You Meme? involves everyone adding cards with captions on them, to a main card with a funny or strange picture. I've played this begrudgingly, only to find it to be a ton of fun.

11. Golf Balls

We all have that one friend that literally cannot hit a fairway, no matter how hard they try. A box of Titleist golf balls would not only be a kind gesture, but a much welcomed resupply of ammo. Although, if they lose that many, you might want to go for a cheaper brand. They probably won't have them long.

12. Netflix Gift Card

Streaming services seem to be only getting more expensive. With more and more shows online, enable your friends in their TV addiction, and get them a Netflix (NFLX - Get Report) gift card.

13. Amazon Gift Card 

I avoid online shopping like the plague, but the bulk of your friends are going to love the simplicity of an Amazon (AMZN - Get Report) gift card.

14. Just Go Out To Eat

If like me, this holiday might not be your cup of tea, take your friends out to your favorite bar or restaurant just for the fun of it. Pay for dinner or lunch, or a round of drinks.

15. Cornhole Game Set

In the midst of August, you can't beat a summer game of cornhole. This game is simple, fun, and sure to be used over and over again. Whether you're barbecuing, camping, even inside, cornhole is a game that anyone can enjoy with friends.

16. Bocce Ball Set

In keeping with gifts that are super useful in summer, Bocce ball adds fun to any day spent outside. It's great for backyard cookouts, and especially fun on the beach as you can get creative with shots on the sand.

17. Apples to Apples

Simple, cheap, and fun for all, Apples to Apples is a card game that can be enjoyed with friends. The concept is straightforward; a green card is pulled by the "judge" with a descriptive word on it. Everyone else chooses a red card from their hand with the description they feel best fits the word.

18. Spa Day

A female friend told me that a great gift for women would be a spa day. I can't argue with that. It does sound nice. 

19. Bag of Fun Gifts 

Candy, a scarf, hats, sunglasses, whatever you want. Put together a bag of useful, enjoyable, and cheap gifts. You could fill it with aforementioned gift cards, sunscreen, anything.

20. For Those That Aren't Interested in Friendship Day...

Just do something nice for someone. Bring your colleague a coffee in the morning. Send a text to a friend acknowledging how much you're both making fun of this day. Or just appreciate the fact that you have friends.