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The expansion of travel since the pandemic is critical for the recovery of many cities around the globe. An index of the top city destinations in the world by Euromonitor, an international market research company, finds that emerging markets continue to develop leading city destinations and European cities are recovering rapidly.

According to Euromonitor’s report, as the world emerges from the pandemic, the travel and tourism sector drives broader environmental, social and economic sustainability goals. Governments play a more important role in uplifting the tourism sector.

To identify the top city destinations around the world, Euromonitor compares 54 different metrics across six key categories for 110 cities, to create an overall “city attractiveness” score. The six categories are: economic & business performance, tourism performance, tourism infrastructure, tourism policy & attractiveness, health & safety, and sustainability.

The index highlights attributes that can help cities attract international investment, showcasing business readiness, resilience in times of adversity and opportunities for sustainable strategies.

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Here are the top 30 city destinations in the world, and how they rank in each of the six categories.

4 louvre paris DaLiu : Shutterstock
1 burj kalifa dubai sh
25 amsterdam sh
madrid spain sh
6 italy pantheon rome sh
22 berlin Tumar : Shutterstock
49 one world nyc Josef Hanus : Shutterstock
16 london sh
6 munich sh
30 spain barcelona sh
18 vienna austria sh
3 milan sh
14 czech republic prague sh
29 los angeles sh
tokyo japan sh
14 Ireland dublin sh
lisbon portugal sh
frankfurt germany sh
zurich switzerland sh
florence italy sh
11 Orlando, Fla sh
29 australia sydney sh
Singapore sh
6 sheik zayed mosque abu dhabi M Salem : Shutterstock
15 Athens Greece parthenon sh
28 venice sh
las vegas nevada sh
24 brussels belgium sh
13 miami beach florida Humberto Vidal : Shutterstock