Even with so many options for streaming music, we are still drawn to the live performance, whether it's a 120-piece orchestra in a large concert hall or a lone busker on a street corner.

From the first note to the last, we are seduced by live music, drawn by both the sound and the sight, the emotion buzzing through the crowd. Perhaps we want to be part of something, to witness a unique performance, to share the experience with others who also want to feel their heart beating in the rhythm of the music.

It's nice to live somewhere where your favorite artists like to perform, to be able to experience an evening of live music at your neighborhood pub, or to splurge on a big concert with friends. In a city that's rich with live music, you may hear the energetic sound of a mariachi band drifting through the door of a restaurant, or the moan of a cello echoing through the subway halls as you catch your train.

On that note, here are the best cities where you can enjoy a fresh and exciting live music scene. Move.org, a site that provides relocation services and moving resources and reviews, ranked the best cities for live music based on the number of venues per 100,000 residents by searching Yelp for music venues in the 70 most populated U.S. metro areas. (Other criteria, like a city's musical diversity, number of live shows per day, or musical history were not used as ranking factors.) These are the best cities for live music.

Photo: Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock