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Best Buys for January 2021

January is a good time for deals. Here's what to look for on discount this month

Our shopping habits certainly changed in 2020. More of us are shopping online for everything from groceries and personal care items, to clothing and housewares. But our saving habits have changed too. Many people are more conscious of saving money.

So here are some of the best buys for January, and these deals do not disappoint.

Linens: Consumers may not have known it back then, but since 1878 linens have been a January best buy. That’s when John Wanamaker, the father of department stores, introduced the first White Sale. Over the years it has become a tradition for stores to offer some of their best deals on bedding, linens, and towels. You can find particularly good deals on flannel sheets this month.

Furniture: Most furniture manufacturers release new designs in February, which translates to deals for consumers in January. Retailers need to clear out older inventory to make room for new designs and models. You usually can find even lower prices on darker color schemes with fall and winter fabrics.

Here’s an important tip: if you are buying a large piece of furniture, like a sofa, measure your doorways into both your home and the room where you will be using the furniture. Then measure the width of the piece you will be buying. Over the years, I have heard horror stories of the furniture arriving and the furniture cannot fit through the door.

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Winter produce: I love the produce this time of the year. Plan menus around citrus fruits like lemons and grapefruits, and cauliflower, and root vegetables. I like to cook up some meals and then freeze them for a later date when I am craving winter produce but it’s out of season.

Gift cards: This is the time of the year when people are trying to exchange or sell gift cards they won’t use. Look on gift card exchange websites to buy cards at a discounted rate. Although 10% appears to be the normal discount for the more popular stores, some sell for up to 35% below face value. You can also find deals on gift cards for day-to-day expenses like gas, groceries, or office supplies. And if you received some gift cards that you won’t be using, now is a good time to consider selling them.

Calendars: If you can wait a couple of weeks into January, you will be able to score some great deals on calendars. Some retailers will offer deals for as much as half off. As we move away from January 1, the deals will keep getting better.

Clothes: This is one of the best times of the year to find deals on clothes. If you are in the market for business suits, January is a good time to buy. In addition to traditional sales retailers are offering, resale and consignment shops and sites will offer a significant savings.

High performing TVs: There is no doubt that Black Friday is a great time to find a deal on a TV, but what many consumers may not realize is you can usually find better deals on more quality TVs in January. One way to save even more is to ask about open-boxed items. These are returns or floor models that offer additional discounts. After the holidays is a good time to score deals on open-boxed items. Just make sure they offer the same warranty.

Jeanette Pavini is an Emmy Award winning journalist specializing in consumer news and protection. She is the author of “The Joy of $aving: Money Lessons I Learned From My Italian-American Father & 20 Years as a Consumer Reporter.” Jeanette is a regular contributor to TheStreet. Her work includes reporting for CBS, MarketWatch, WSJ Sunday, and USA Today. Jeanette has contributed to “The Today Show “and a variety of other media outlets. You can follow her moneysaving tips on Facebook: Jeanette Pavini: The Joy of $aving Community. Find links to her social media and her book at,