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Even if you like Star Wars better, there’s no denying that lovers of any of the Star Trek series or movies can collect a lot more memorabilia now, thanks to the new prequel in theaters this weekend.

Items range from classic action figures and games to household items, and appeal to science fiction lovers and toy collectors of all ages.  Here are some of the items available now, and how companies are using Star Trek appeal to reach the masses.

Testing Your Rock Band and Trivia Skills
Besides watching movies, many Star Trek lovers love video games, a fact that Rock Band game maker Harmonix recognizes (Stock Quote: VIA).

Competitive players of the game, which lets you perform popular songs in a virtual band, entered into a battle of the bands last month to win a free screening of the movie for as many people as can fill a theater.  Consolation prizes included 20 prize packs with Star Trek and Rock Band goodies including movie tickets and Rock Band gear.

If you missed out on these music-inspired Star Trek festivities, you might be able to make up for it by seeing the movie on IMAX (Stock Quote: IMAX) and bringing home the movie’s soundtrack.  Price: $12.99.

If you think you’re the master of Star Trek factoids, Mattel (Stock Quote: MAT)  has released its Star Trek version of the Scene It? DVD game that quizzes you and your Trekkie friends with hundreds of clips, puzzles and trivia questions from all of the TV series and movies. Price: $29.99.

For Hungry Trekkies
As part of Burger King’s (Stock Quote: BKC) exclusive marketing deal with Paramount Pictures, the fast food chain is offering collectible drinking glasses and toys (see picture, above) with themes from Star Trek, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Price: $1.99 with the purchase of an adult value meal at participating locations.

And whether you’re entertained or disturbed by Burger King’s commercials with its plastic-headed king, just wait till you see the Kingons, the supposed offspring of the King and a Klingon. To protect your Burger King collectible Star Trek drinking glasses, which contain precious dilithium crystals, visit the online Kingon Defense Academy, to learn defense moves for all forms of Kingon attack. 

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Cereal maker Kellogg’s also aims to please Star Trek lovers with a free T-shirt when you buy nine specially-marked Eggo Waffles, Cheez-Its, Keebler cookies and other Kellogg’s brands.

Toys, Toys, Toys
For more traditional fans or new and younger fans who can’t collect enough toys, Burger King is giving away free Star Trek toys with kids meals (which also give you the option of ordering star and bolt-shaped chicken tenders).

“We see ourselves as a brand that likes to experiment in creating pop culture. We always want to give our customers, who are also movie fans, an unexpected experience and the strong Paramount film slate this summer affords us that opportunity,” says Russ Klein, president of global marketing at Burger King.

Of course, Mattel is in on the Star Trek action, with Barbie and Ken dolls as Captain Kirk, Lt. Uhura and Mr. Spock.  But if Barbies aren’t your style, you can opt for a Star Trek-themed assortment of Hot Wheels toys (Price: $12.99) or Tyco remote control cars (Price: $39.99).

“The Star Trek property has an extremely loyal fan base. We feel they, along with new Star Trek fans, will be excited to collect our Star Trek offerings,” says Mattel spokesman Rob Novickas.  “The Star Trek items span across many brands so there’s something for everyone,” he says.

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