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NEW YORK (MainStreet) – Any time a new version of a gadget is released, the old device gets marked down – just look at the original iPad, which has dropped considerably in price since the iPad 2 came out. Today’s announcement of a new Barnes & Noble Nook is similarly a harbinger of price cuts.

The new compact e-reader is the successor to the original black and white Nook, and as such that original (Wi-Fi-only) Nook has been marked down from $149 to $119, just $5 away from matching the price of Amazon’s Kindle with ads. But the Barnes & Noble website doesn’t actually have the best price on the old e-reader. If you head over to eBay, Barnes & Noble is selling the Nook there for a full $20 cheaper, just $99. It ships for free, and since it’s being sold by the retailer itself, there’s no concern here about scams.

That’s a crucial price drop for people who were waiting for e-readers to drop below $100 (and didn’t want to get Borders’ Kobo e-reader). Of course, if you’re the type who always wants the latest technology you’ll likely go for the new version of the Nook, which comes with a touch screen. But if those sorts of bells and whistles don’t excite you, and you just want a tried-and-true e-reader that will let you read books, head over to eBay and pick one up. Make it fast though, as quantities are limited.

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