Budget conscious parents are wondering how to pay for back-to-school clothing—especially for their fashion-focused teenagers. The good news is that it is possible to get a good start on a new wardrobe for close to $100:

Kohls: Girls

Kohls (Stock Quote: KSS) offers selected SO brand apparel at 40% to 60% off. For a little more than $100, you can find classic styles to mix and match and provide a good wardrobe foundation:

Total: $101.90

Kohls: Boys

Kohls are also has some good deals for boys:

Total: $107.96

Forever 21: Girls

Forever 21 is considered a bit more trendy. Your back-to-school dollar won’t go as far here, but you can still pick up some reasonable deals:

  • Two or three graphic T-shirts: $21.80 - $50.70, ranging from $10.90 to $16.90 apiece
  • Two or three casual tops: $25 - $78, ranging from $12.50 to $26 apiece
  • One or two dressy tops: $12.50 - $64, ranging from $12.50 to $32 apiece
  • Two pairs of jeans: $25 - $59.60, ranging from $12.50 to $29.80 apiece

Total: Starting at $96.80, depending on what you choose

Forever 21: Boys

As with the girls, the boys clothes at Forever 21 vary widely in price. Here is what you can get, starting at around $100:

  • Two or three graphic T-shirts: $29.80 - $53.70, ranging from $14.90 to $17.90 apiece
  • Two or three button-down shirts: $47.80 - $80.70, ranging from $23.90 to $26.90 apiece
  • Two or three pairs of jeans: $45.80 - $104.70, ranging from $22.90 and $34.90

Total: Starting at $123.40

Discount stores

Another option is a discount retailer, like TJ Maxx (Stock Quote: TJX), Ross (Stock Quote: ROST) or Marshalls. While you can’t get specific prices online at these discount retailers, it is usually possible to find casual, classic tops beginning at $4.99, trendy tops beginning at $9.99 and jeans starting at $14.99. This is true of both boys and girls clothes. At the cheapest prices, it is possible to assemble a very good beginning wardrobe indeed:

  • Five to seven basic tops: $24.95 - $34.93
  • Three or four trendy tops: $29.97 - $39.96
  • Three or four pairs of jeans: $44.97 - $59.96

Total: Starting at $99.89

You can go to consignment shops and visit clearance racks to further stretch your clothing dollar. It really does make a difference where you go, and what you buy. Your best bet is to encourage your kids to choose basic clothing that can be mixed and matched.

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