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Which is your idea of college fun -- hanging out at the library, or cheering on the football team? Whatever the case, you may have a little bit of geek or a little bit of jock in your blood. (Maybe a lot.) So which college is best for you?

OK, maybe you don't actually wear a pocket protector or a bowtie, but if you consider yourself a bit of a nerd, here are the colleges where "geek is chic" according to CollegeXpress, a research site for colleges and scholarships.

On the other hand, maybe, instead of textbooks, your backpack contains a big foam No. 1 finger, an air horn and body paint in university colors. You might be more of a jock. Keep reading to find out the schools that experts say have highly competitive intercollegiate sports and where athletes, both participants and spectators alike, are happy, according to CollegeXpress.

Photo: Aspen Photo / Shutterstock