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A compilation of this week's Dear Dagen and Fixed-Income Forum columns.

I Need an Rx for an Overdose of Health Care
By Dagen McDowell
A reader has three health care funds and a large chunk of SmithKline Beecham shares. More

What's the Right Mix of Index and Actively Managed Funds?
By Dagen McDowell
A reader asks about the so-called "core and explore" approach to asset allocation. More

How Do I Set Up College Savings Accounts for My Kids?
By Dagen McDowell
Almost any fund company or brokerage will allow you to set up UGMA or UTMA accounts. More

I'm Buying a House in Five Years; Where Should I Stash My Cash Until Then?
By Dagen McDowell
With that time frame, you might want to avoid equities. A look at bond options. More

Finally, We Have the Maturity to Explain Duration
By Elizabeth Roy
Salomon's seesaw is still the best way of understanding this arcane-but-useful concept. More

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