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If you’ve ever suspected that the people in charge of your company see the world differently than you, here’s the proof.

USA Today recently conducted a personality test with 877 CEOs and found that on average, they are “more sensitive and private than the typical person… and more likely to be emotionally unstable.”

For the personality test, the CEOs were asked to rank their favorite colors, and their answers were then analyzed by an expert psychiatry professor. It may sound silly to judge based on something as simple as your favorite color, but according to USA Today, many of the CEOs described the results as “eerily accurate.”

CEOs were three times more likely than the average person to choose magenta as their color and significantly less likely to choose red or yellow. This led to the surprising conclusion that CEOs “are not as self-assured as the public at large, and they are more cooperative and less forceful than the typical person.”

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The color test is also used to help people determine what jobs they are best suited for. While the test confirmed that the CEOs were meant for “upper management” positions, they also proved more likely to be “social workers, artists and teachers,” and in a strange twist of fate, the typical CEO is apparently “well-suited to be an administrative assistant.”

If you decide to talk about this study around the water cooler, we suggest you do it quietly. Remember, CEOs are pretty sensitive.

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