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NEW YORK (MainStreet) — With its sleek new design and operating system to conquer its rivals, is Apple still the next best thing?

On Friday, Apple released its next best thing or shall I say "things!" For the first time in Apple's history, the company released two versions of its iPhone, the 5S and cost efficient 5C across the world.

The response to the release has been remarkable, with lines of people staking out at stores to get hold of the new devices. In some places, such as California, fights broke out when homeless men were promised payments to spend the night to wait outside of a Pasadena store. Two men began to fight arguing they were not paid enough. No one was hurt.

The new iPhone 5S has been equipped with new features such as the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which allows users to access their phones and apps using their fingerprints. Also, with just a touch, users could make purchases using this advanced technology.

The new less expensive version of the flagship phone, the iPhone 5C is also available for $99 with a contract and featured in five festive colors. This is less expensive than the iPhone 5S, which is $199 with a contract and available in silver, space gray, and the highly demand gold.

Along with the new features, the new operating system iOS7, which is also available as a software upgrade to consumers who have earlier models, the iPhone 5S is determined to be better and faster than most smartphones.

And while only time will tell whether it is the next best thing, it certainly has caught the attention of many consumers and increased Apple's share price immediately prior to the launch date.

Although Apple's stock price has seen its better days, plummeting from highs close to $700 in 2012 and currently trading near $470, analysts believe the launch of the new iPhones will help increase its share price and boost sales, however many are skeptic about the sales of iPhone 5C.

The release of the new, less costly iPhone 5C has been Apple's solution to producing more units, since the iPhone 5C are made with plastic cases and less costly to manufacture. Apple has had issues to meet sales demand due to short supply and manufacturing times. It is estimated Apple will sell at least 5 to 6 million units during its launch weekend. But the question still remains, is Apple still the next best thing?

What do you think?

--Kemberley Washington is a professor at Dillard University and certified public accountant. Connect with her on Twitter or subscribe to her blog at