Anticipating Internet Index Funds

Also, making fund boards more independent, growth vs. value in small-cap stocks and finding the bond futures contract yield.
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A compilation of this week's Dear Dagen and Fixed-Income Forum columns.

When Will I Be Able to Invest in an Internet Index Fund?
By Dagen McDowell
Several are getting ready to launch, though it remains to be seen whether index funds are the right vehicle for this sector. More

Making Fund Boards More Independent and Accountable
By Dagen McDowell
An industry group came up with 15 recommendations for making boards more accountable. Here's how they could be improved. More

Is Now the Time to Invest in Small-Cap Value Stocks?
By Dagen McDowell
Don't take sides in the eternal growth-vs.-value debate. When it comes to small-caps, own both. More

How Do I Get the Yield of the Bond Futures Contract?
By Elizabeth Roy
Technically, it has none. But there's a relationship between the futures' price and the bond's price. More