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An Update From the Street

<I>TSC</I> is back at work on Wall Street. Stay tuned today for the latest.

A brief note to update you on our status:

We're back in our offices today. The commute in was a bit harried for most, as expected, but it's something we all will get used to.

I must say to you, in all candor, that we're still a little shaken. While we were working from our homes, we had a little space from the carnage and disaster we fled from on Tuesday. But, now back on Wall Street, it's all dreadfully real and troubling.

I've asked several of our contributors to write about their experiences, now that they're back on their jobs. So you'll see some of what the atmosphere is like here, as well as get the insight on the moves in the market. Our columns will no longer publish to both sites simultaneously, so catch up with Jim Cramer or Herb Greenberg, they're here on


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