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Apparently, workers in this country just don’t know how to relax.

According to a new survey from Study Logic, a research firm, the majority of Americans (64%) had canceled or delayed going on a big getaway this year. Even more astounding, 22% of workers have so far taken no time off and do not plan to take time off for the rest of the year.

In both cases, the leading factor, of course, is work.

“The majority of workers who did not take time off cited too many responsibilities or stress at work, while some people said they simply did not have the time to plan a holiday,” Reuters reports.

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These findings confirm similar studies from Gallup and AAA released in May in which about a quarter of Americans said they planned to travel less this summer than last.

But on top of this, according to this latest survey, which is based on interviews with 1,500 workers, about a third of those who do take vacation time check in regularly with their office by phone or e-mail.

So in a very real sense, it seems Americans have forgotten how to enjoy downtime in this down economy.

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