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The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals on All Your Essentials

From personal grooming storage containers, we're on the hunt for the best Amazon Prime Day deals on all your home and personal essentials.
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There’s nothing more satisfying than saving on big-ticket items like appliances, TVs and laptops. But coupon clipping and grocery store hauls aren’t a fad for nothing -- saving a few extra bucks on everyday household items can add up.

You might not be one to brag on social media when you find toilet paper a couple of dollars cheaper, but you also shouldn’t avoid stocking up when you get the chance. We’re on the hunt for home essentials that are on sale, and why you should consider buying  them during Amazon Prime Day

Best Prime Day Personal Essentials

Crest 3D Whitestrips ($29.99, originally $45.99)

Crest 3D Whitestrips

Snag a 44-strip package of Crest 3D Whitestrips, marked down 35% for Prime Day. Deal ends in 8 hours.

Gillette Fusion5 Power Mens Razor Blade Refills ($19.59, originally $27.99)

Gillette men's Razors

Get 30% off Gillette men's razors - these deals won't last much longer!

Gillette Venus Razors for Women ($11.86, originally $19.29)

Gillette Venus womens razors

Get one Gillette Venus razor handle and four refills, marked down 39% for the last hours of Prime Day.

Kleem Organics Vitamin C Serum ($11.48, originally $31)

Kleem Vitamin C Serum

This is a lightning deal we can definitely get behind! Snag the Kleem Vitamin C Serum for 63% off, only three hours left at time of post (6:30 p.m. Eastern Time). 

Best Prime Day Deals on Kitchen Appliances

Amazon Basics All-Purpose Wine Glasses ($13.20, originally $25.28)

Amazon Basics wine glasses

Get 48% off this set of four all-purpose wineglasses from Amazon Basics.

COSORI Electric Kettle With Stainless Steel Filter ($23.98, originally $27.99)

Cosori electric tea kettle

If coffee and cappuccino aren’t your thing, we won’t be leaving out the best tea kettles going on sale during Prime Day. We’ve reviewed the Cosori tea kettle in the past with our roundup of our favorites, and you can snag this electric kettle for 14% off, down to $23.98.

Digital Meat Thermometer ($16.99, originally $99.99)

Digital meat thermometer

Snag this deal on a digital meat thermometer, perfect for grilling. With a waterproof design, it’s easy to wash in running water. 

Instant Pot Cooking Appliances (starting at $64.99)

Instant Pot pressure cooker

Instant Pot has been a fan-favorite for years now, and it’s not just the 7-in-1 pressure cooker ($65.99, 35% off) making waves.

Ninja Ice Cream Maker ($129.99, originally $199.99)

Ninja icecream maker

Get 35% off this Ninja Ice Cream maker, down to $129.99 

SmartHeart Digital Kitchen Food Scale ($20.89, originally $28.26)

SmartHeart digital food scale

If you’ve made it a personal goal this year to be more proactive about healthy eating choices, check out this SmartHeart digital kitchen scale. It includes calorie and carb calculations for 14 popular food categories, and a large LCD display for easy reading. 

Best Prime Day Deals on Baby and Household Goods

Pampers Swaddlers Baby Diapers ($112.55, originally $136.97)

Pampers Swaddlers

Get 8 packs of Pampers sensitive pop-top packs (72 count) and four Pampers Sensitive Refill packs (72 count) in this Prime Day bundle.

Babyganics Baby Shampoo and Body Wash, Pack of 3 ($20.45, originally $29.97)

Babyganics baby shampoo

Babyganics shampoo and body wash formula is made without parabens, sulfates, dyes and fragrance, this is a non-allergenic and tear-free formula. Product not tested on animals.

Energizer AA Batteries, 24-count Pack ($18.99, originally $21.98)

Energizer AA batteries

This 24-pack of Energizer's longest-lasting MAX AA batteries are currently marked down 12%.

Duracell Coppertop D Batteries, 8-count (on sale $15.49, originally $17.29)

Duracell D batteries - 8 pack

As a general-purpose battery, the Duracell Coppertop D alkaline battery is made to power everyday devices throughout the home, like toys, remote controls, flashlights, clocks and radios, portable electronics, and more.

Kleenex Single-Use Disposable Paper Towels, 360 Towels Total ($19.14, originally $21.59)

Kleenex hand towels

This bundle contains six boxes, with 60 Kleenex hand towels per box.

Cascade Platinum Dishwasher Pods ($18.67, originally $20.99)

Cascade platinum dish detergent

Premium tough food cleaning powers away burnt-on foods, while built-in rinse aid action and the grease-fighting power of Dawn make your dishes dazzle. Plus, the company claims that Cascade Platinum dishwashing detergent is formulated to help prevent hard-water filming-keeping your machine looking fresh and clean.

Best Prime Day Deals on Food and Nutrition Products

Mommy's Bliss Baby Probiotic Drops with Colic Support ($16.79, originally $26.99)

Mommys bliss probiotic drops

Currently marked down 38%.

Celsius Energy Drinks (30% off)

Celsius energy drink

Grab a pack of Celsius energy drinks starting at $14.69 a case, from sparkling watermelon to post-workout recovery blood orange.

Cheribundi Energy Drink, Pack of 12 ($25.50, originally $33.56)

Cheribundi tart cherry juice

The company claims it takes 50 tart cherries per bottle, the cherry juice is not made from concentrate, and has zero added sugar. Reviewers say it has a bright flavor, not watered down and not too sour to enjoy. If you prefer tartness over sweetness, this is the drink for you.

Deep River Snacks Kettle Potato Chips, Pack of 24 ($29.93, originally $32.88)

Deep River chip snacks

Why buy one flavor when you can have six! From sea salt to zesty jalapeno, this Deep River variety pack is a great option for summer snacks.

Jack Link's Beef Steak beef jerky

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a quick on-the-go beef jerky snack to satisfy your cravings.

Orgain Protein Powders, Shakes and Bars (30% to 44% off)

Orgain protein powder

Grab a two pound dub of Orgain organic plant-based vanilla bean protein powder for $15, down from $26.99.

Best Prime Day Deals on Robot, Cordless, and Upright Vacuums

Shark Ion Robot Vacuum ($214.14, originally $229.99)

Shark ION robot vacuum

Get 7% off the Shark AV752 ION Robot Vacuum. With over 7,600 reviews and from a trusted brand in the vacuum space, this is the perfect deal for anyone looking for some help cleaning around the house for a great price. It comes with three brush types, 120 minute runtime and comes with a charging dock, two side brushes and filters. Set up a cleaning schedule with the SharkClean app.

Shark NV752 Rotator Powered TruePet Upright Vacuum ($219.99, originally $319.99)

Shark Rotator Powered TruePet Upright Vacuum

By far one of the most popular vacuums on Amazon, this Shark TruePet Upright has over 11,000 reviews and is currently marked down 31%. It comes with a HEPA filter to trap dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner, and a multi-surface cleaning option from hard floor to carpet mode.

Best Prime Day Deals on Storage and Home Accessories

Stasher Silicone Resuable Storage Bag ($38, originally $54.99)

Stasher silicone bags

Get a 4-pack bundle of this self-sealing reusable alternative to plastic bags. Now on sale for Prime Day, this deal ends tonight!

IRIS Small Open Wood Clothing Rack ($57.28, originally $77.83)

Iris open wood clothing rack

This IRIS small garment rack stands just under four feet tall, with side hooks and shelves that are adjustable. Perfect for a small room, laundry or entryway, you can use this rack to hang coats, hats, bags and more.

Storage Bin Organizers (starting at $38.24)

Iris storage bin organizers

These large plastic storage container bins come with durable lids, buckets and pull handles for easy and discreet storage options. The 12-quart six-pack starts at $38.24, with the largest size a set of 53-quart six-packs for $84.99.

Prices are accurate and items in stock at time of publishing.

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When is Prime Day 2022?

Amazon Prime Day is a 48-hour sale starting Tuesday, July 12 through July 13.

Early deals have already begun, giving shoppers access to some long-running sales, especially on Amazon-produced devices, tech, home essentials and tons of other products.

Do you need a subscription to get access to Prime Day deals?

As the name implies, you definitely need a Prime subscription to take part in this exclusive event held by Amazon. 

If you're on the fence, you can start with a 30-day free trial. You can access to exclusive deals, streaming content, music, free two-day shipping and more.

Prices were raised this year. If you prefer a monthly subscription, you can join for $14.99 per month, free to cancel at any time. For the best deal, the $139 per year drops the monthly price to just under $12 per month.