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Glaciers and polar ice are melting and sea levels are rising. Record high temperatures, severe rainstorms and drought are becoming more common. To many, these changes may have seemed abstract a few years ago, but they are having significant impacts on humans today and are threatening to get worse in the future.

The Union of Concerned Scientists' Climate Hot Map draws the connections between the data and the changes going on around us--and those we can expect to see in the future. It's happening all over the world, including in your own backyard.

The siteshows the greatest impacts of climate change, including threats to human life and health, cost of impacts such as damage to property and infrastructure, loss of productivity, threats to our food supply and water quality,  mass migration and security threats.

According to research cited on the Climate Hot Map, these are all of the ways a warming planet is likely to affect your daily life, if it isn't already.

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