Almost a million travelers enter the U.S. daily from all over the world, some citizens, some visitors, and all pass through Customs and Border Protection.

If you've ever stepped off a long, tiring international flight, waited a half hour to collect your bags only to face long lines at passport control, you know the value of a speedy customs experience.

Customs and Border Patrol monitors wait times for arriving flights at the busiest international airports. Bayut, a real estate website based in the United Arab Emirates, crunched these numbers to find out which major airports in the U.S. have the shortest and longest wait times for international travelers. There are a total of 44 international airports in the data, which is comprised of waiting times from June 2018 to June 2019. Wait times do not include time to retrieve baggage or navigate through the airport.

Based on Bayut's report, these are the U.S. airports with the longest and shortest wait times for international travelers.