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According to the Associated Press, an industry group has reported that fewer airline crashes occurred globally last year. But airline crash deaths were actually up.

Three crashes make up the vast majority of fatalities: Air France Flight 447 (which disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean on its way to France from Brazil, presumably all killed), a Yemenia Airways flight (crashed into the Indian Ocean; only one survivor) and a Russian-made aircraft en route to the U.S. (crashed in Iran, killing all aboard).

In all, 685 people died last year in airplane related accidents, versus 502 people in 2008.

Despite these accidents, air travel remains one of the safest modes of transportation, with a serious accident rate of “0.7 accidents per million flights” last year—which is the second lowest rate ever recorded, according to the AP.

Global commercial airline traffic reportedly fell 2.6% last year.

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