The Big Man just weighed in. He's taking the remaining money out of


and putting it with



Of course, I am talking about my dad, the only guy in the world (notice I said guy) who can tell me what to do and I will still do it. The only guy I really still want to win over.

My dad liked Janus for years, turned me on to them. Made a ton of money with them. Stuck with them even when I decided I couldn't anymore.

But he

read the pieces on Olstein the other day and said, "That's it, I am fed up with losing. Get me with the guy up 19%."

I asked him about it today. Why now? He said, "I have been waiting and waiting for them to make the money back. Why bother any longer? Olstein will make it for me."

Oh, by the way, he had a funny story. He called Olstein's number. He got some woman and gave her his name and the information she needed to set up an account. She asked him how he heard about Olstein. He said "


Good answer.

"You and everyone else," said the woman.

My proud dad then said, "You notice the similarities between spellings of our last names? James Cramer's my son."

She paused and then said "You wish!"

Hey, let me have this one. Made my dad's day!

Random musings

: Speaking of dad -- don't forget, Father's Day is coming. Give the gift of


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