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Matt B2B Jacobs

and I set up the

B2B rotisserie league at Thanksgiving time, the outpouring was so positive that we quickly became addicted to the group. We followed the stocks' every move and we learned how to trade them, learned which ones were worth holding and which ones deserved to be jettisoned.

But the one things we did


do was sit there and buy the stocks we selected. It was a learning exercise. In fact, many of the stocks we drafted we


owned. Some of them we even periodically shorted once we got the hang of them.

Yet, many of you took the B2B teams as if they were our buy lists. As this column is called, Wrong! We know these biotech stocks have had a huge move but we also know that only a couple of new drugs are separating some of them from being the next


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That said, we can't just plow into them. That's not right. That's how you get slaughtered. So we learn them on paper and then execute them in reality.

Today we are adding another 10 names, at your suggestion, to the future draft pool that we hope to hold next week. We are going to leave the

boards open for more comments so we can learn, too.

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Many of you who have submitted these names are doctors, researchers and people in the field; none of you is an underwriter trying to peddle wares. This is why I remain convinced that

will become the central place to congregate for people who want to learn about stocks without getting plugged or abused.

Without further adieu, culled by

Melissa "Genome" Kasper

, is the additional 10 names you urged us to include:

Coulter Pharmaceutical


Gene Logic


Lynx Therapeutics


Alexion Pharmaceutical


Cell Genesys


Again, all I ask, if you are an itchy-trigger-finger kind of buyer, is that you not come back to me and say, "You told me to buy these stocks and now I have been crushed."

We are trying to learn them ourselves. Our preliminary work indicates that these are the most promising. Some of them have run so much that it is probably too late to buy them; others have far further to go. The next step will be to find out which ones are which. We sure don't know yet, though.

In other words,

biocaveat emptor


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