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Activities We Love and Hate the Most

In some countries, people devote more time to leisure, while others do more chores. But how do we feel about the ways we spend our time?

How do people spend their time? It varies from country to country, but generally humans spend the most time working and sleeping, no surprise there. This, along with housework, leisure, and eating, take up 80-90% of the 24 hours in every day, according to data by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

In China and Mexico, people spend more time working than in other countries, fitting the pattern that wealthier nations enjoy more leisure time. The Belgians enjoy the most leisure time. The French spend more time eating and drinking than others, and Americans spend more time on TV and radio than those in other countries. South Koreans sleep the least.

There are plenty of things we have to do, but which activities do people like—and hate—doing the most? The U.K.’s Centre for Time Use Research collects data from diaries in which respondents record their activities over a given day and rate how much they enjoyed them on a scale of 1 to 7, where 1 is least enjoyable and 7 is most enjoyable. This list is based on their 2014-15 survey of 55 activities as reported by Our World in Data.

These are the activities we love and hate the most.

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