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Who knows if this rally can continue. But there's one thing that happened that can't be dismissed: We got to a level where sellers dried up and buyers came alive. Whenever we hit that level again it will serve as a floor, I think a hard-to-crack floor, that will make for an interesting bounce at the least and a solid foundation at the most.

Why should we care that much about this? Because until this thousand-point move, there simply was

no reason

to take the beating of being in equities. I believe that we hit the bottom for at least a third of the stocks, those stocks that yielded more than cash and have half-decent prospects. Another third -- the cyclicals and growth stocks with little yield -- are still going to struggle, and some have, no doubt, put in a bottom while others haven't.

And then there is the vicious third, which reside in techland and I think have no serious way to go higher. They are fighting for survival.

By way of explanation, let's take


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, which I own. It rallied in part because of good


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numbers and in part because it is a big part of the

S&P 500

. But it is about to report and I think it will report a number as ugly as the others in its cohort.

Is it done going down then? No. Will it hold where it held last week? I think the answer is yes. That scenario should be repeated many times over for many different companies.

Contrast that with the



and the



and the



. They had nice bounces, too. Those bounces are for selling. That's a chance to pull some money out of losers and reposition into winners.

That's the only smart thing to do.

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