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In last week's column we discussed the various handicapping factors to utilize in wagering on conference basketball tournament games. This week, we unveil an almost complete list of the super secret Lieberman power ratings.

The charts below contain the power ratings for each team in the conference tournaments. Our projected line can be derived by comparing the power ratings of the two teams playing in any particular game. We have accounted for home-court advantage, or in some cases home-town advantage, by adding points to the power rating of teams that are playing in their regional home and deserve additional points because their fans attending the tournament may give the team an additional emotional lift.

The last column of the chart focuses on the special factors we discussed in last week's

column, a formula that worked rather well in this past weekend's tournament games. The special factor is included for teams playing first-round games in the tournament. If only "SR" is listed in the column, it is because the power ratings of the two teams playing are so close that I don't know whether it will be Favorite Single Revenge or Underdog Single Revenge.

FSR -- Favorite Single Revenge, winning ATS (Against the Spread) at a clip of 58% over the last four years; USR -- Underdog Single Revenge, winning ATS only 44% of the time; FDR -- Favorite Double Revenge, winning ATS only 41% of the time; UDR -- Underdog Double Revenge, winning ATS only 42% of the time.

Other handicapping factors include whether a team is a poor road team, both straight up and ATS.

The poor road teams include

North Carolina State


University of Alabama-Birmingham







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St. Louis


South Florida


Wake Forest




Kansas State


Notre Dame


On Sunday, readers can utilize these charts to see which teams we believe should get into the NCAA tournament. The higher the power rating, the more deserving the team is of getting off "the bubble" and into the Big Dance.