Summer camp is an annual tradition for many kids lucky enough to enjoy them, and there’s a huge variety of specialized camps that cater to specific interests.

Whether it involves traditional outdoor activities, team-building science projects or caring for animals, summer camp can make for unforgettable learning experiences that can help shape kids’ goals and personalities.

Here are some of the coolest ones we’ve found. Since they can be costly, we’ll list some of the lowest prices for each.

Secret Agent Camp

Spy games, paintball, acrobatics, stealth tactics and martial arts moves are just part of what kids can learn at Secret Agent Camp.

Location: Running Springs, Calif.

Ages: 9 to 16

Price: One-week sessions for $1,535

Hollywood Stunt Camp

Hand-to-hand combat, swordfighting, jumps, tumbles, safe landing and falling techniques and fight choreography are taught by experienced, professional stunt men at this stunt camp.

Location: Running Springs, Calif.

Ages: 9 to 16

Price: One-week sessions for $1,535

Mad Science Day Camp

Kids can build and launch a model rocket, work with a team to build a bridge, learn the science at work in sports, dig for dinosaurs and learn about robots and space travel at this intense day camp.

Location: Missouri and Illinois

Ages: 5 to 12

Price: $110 to $262 depending on the program and location

Marine Biology Camp

Teens interested in dolphins, whales and other underwater animals might love Marine Biology Camp, where they can learn about sea creatures and their habitats along the Atlantic Ocean. There are even surfing lessons to help teach the principles of wave dynamics.

Location: Wrightsville Beach, N.C.

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Age: 13 to 16

Price: $2,495 for 11 days

Whistler Teen Adventure Camp

Whistler may be better known as a winter vacation destination, but in the summer there are fresh water lakes and biking and hiking trails, plus rock climbing, kayaking, mountaineering and mountain biking. What more can a nature adventure-seeking teen ask for?

Location: Two hours from Vancouver, Canada

Ages:13 to 17

Price:$1,920 to $1,534 for one week depending on the week

Roads End Farm Horsemanship Camp

Girls who are fascinated with horses could have their horseback riding dream come true at this summer horsemanship camp for girls. They’ll learn the basics about caring for and riding horses on a 360-acre farm, which also has a lake and lifeguards for swimmers.

Location: Chesterfield, N.H.

Ages: 8 to 16

Price: $2,130 for two-week stays

Camp Hidden Meadows

This West Virginia camp has numerous activities for creative and adventure-seeking kids alike who aren’t entirely sure where their interests lie yet. There’s pottery and ceramics, white water rafting, rock climbing, biking fishing, yoga, basketball, farm animal care, drama, organic gardening, cooking, music and more.

Location: Bartow, W. Va.

Ages: 7 to 16

Price: $775-$875 depending on age

Hot Air Balloon Camp

Run by the nonprofit Balloon Federation of America, this Hot Air Balloon Camp teaches kids how to handle the giant balloons under the instruction of certified pilots. Kids will also learn mapping, GPS, weather and basic first aid.

Location: Tyler Junior College,Texas from July 11-15; Albion College, Mich. from July 18-22

Ages: 13 to 18

Price: $395