SAN DIEGO (TheStreet) -- Here's a great way to rid yourself of the winter chills: Have your body slathered in a-self warming seaweed mud and wrapped from head to toe in foil and thermal warming blankets like a human burrito.

The result is pure, blissful, cozy warmth. And silky smooth skin -- all in the dead of winter.

This is just one example of the luxurious warming winter treatments spas across the country are rolling out to help shake off the winter blues (and dry skin).

To be fair, I had my decadent Champagne of the Sea body treatment at the Hilton Bayfront, in San Diego, where there's really no such thing as winter. That makes the city a great choice for a bone warming escape and pampering destination for people in colder parts of the country.

If you can't make it to San Diego to defrost, though, there are plenty of other spas across the country that have recently added luxurious winter warming treatments to their offerings. From candle wax massages to honey application from head to toe, there are dozens of options for warming up. But none of them come cheap.

Gingersnap Cure, Out of the Woods Spa at Twin Farms, Barnard, VT

The Gingersnap Cure is designed to sooth the body and the soul.

It begins with a dry brushing of the body to facilitate detoxification and a gingersnap sugar scrub to gently remove dry, dead skin and elevate the spirit.  Then it gets even better.

A warming honey mask is spread slowly all over the body, enveloping you in pure, golden liquid warmth. 

"It's basically just delicious," spa director Erin Sehnal says. "Honey helps stimulate circulation while softening skin. It's a natural softener, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial -- everything is good about honey."

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As if this treatment wasn't rich enough, the honey mask also has Vermont Maple Syrup in it. While all this warmth penetrates your skin, the therapist conducts a mini-facial and foot massage.

The Gingersnap Cure ends with a rich cinnamon ginger body butter massage. Could you be any more relaxed after all of this?

"This treatment is so good for your skin and your body and it elevates your spirit. It's just a beautiful, warming treatment," says Sehnal of the 90-minute treatment, which costs $250.

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The Energy Lift Facial, LING Skincare & Spa, New York City

The Energy Lift Facial was added to LING Skincare & Spa's offerings just this month.

The treatment uses a combination of far-infrared rays, Asian health principles and relaxing spa techniques to stimulate the body's self healing, while also increasing and balancing cellular performance. The treatment involves use of a heat machine embedded with Tourmaline, an energy producing crystal. The result is a deep infusion of "chi" or energy, according to Ling Chan, celebrity facialist and spa owner, whose fans include Adriana Lima, Katy
Perry, Gisele Bundchen and Madonna.

Ninety minutes of chi enhancing and warming costs $345. The 60-minute treatment is $195.

Chai Spice and Vanilla Winter Warmer Treatment, The Mayflower Grace, Washington, Conn.

This treatment involves a luxurious scrub, a massage with warm liquid wax from a candle and breathing in a stimulating blend of spice oils and sweet, sultry vanilla, ginger, cardamom, black pepper and clove.

Available until March 31, the spice oils included in the treatment are designed to refresh the mind while the warmth they generate supports circulation and detoxification and soothes muscle and joint discomfort -- a perfect way to shake off winter sluggishness.

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The first step, however, is a luxuriously indulgent scrub blended from sugar, organic virgin coconut, vanilla, spices and jojoba oil. After a quick shower comes a full-body massage with the warm liquid wax from a candle, designed to leave skin deeply nourished and conditioned.

"The lovely thing about this treatment is you get the benefit of something that's visually very appealing. We start by lighting the massage candle, which signals a very definite beginning of the treatment, and an aspect of mindfulness, so it's a little more meaningful then just another body treatment," spa director Helen Brown says. "And these candles are developed not just to look beautiful. The wax becomes an moisturizing massage oil."

Prices range from $175 for 60 minutes to $265 for 90 minutes.

Warm Cocoa Berry Pore Refining Facial, Chill Spa at Hotel Terra Jackson Hole, Wyo.

Between the hydrating chocolate and refining berry blend, this facial sounds good enough to eat. But it's entirely focused on winter skin hydration, not snacking.

The first step of the Warm Cocoa Berry Pore Refining Facial is a Hungarian mud treatment that prepares the skin for the pore-refining effects of a blended masque containing cranberries, raspberries and blackberries.  A blackberry product infusion helps elevate the pore refining results of this facial.

Next is the chocolate mousse hydration mask, which leaves the skin silky smooth.

"A lot of guests have not experienced a stimulating facials like this before. The results are plumping and rejuvenating and a nice glow that you don't get with a normal facial," spa director Sara Dolentz says. "This facial, across the board, has had the best results for a winter facial. People come out with a glow and with restored, hydrated skin."

The cost for this midwinter glow is $149 for a 50 minutes or $199 for 80 minutes.

Warming Gingerbread Sugar Body Scrub & Gingerbread Wrap, The Spa at L'Auberge de Sedona, Sedona, Ariz.

Here's yet another treatment made up of warming ingredients that sound good enough to eat.

The Spa at L'Auberge de Sedona's Warming Gingerbread Sugar Body Scrub & Gingerbread Wrap involves such things as organic natural body sugar and warming ginger oil.

The first step is application of rich body butter. Next is being wrapped in warm blankets and getting either a scalp and neck or foot massage, depending on preference.

The 45-minute scrub costs $115; the 15-minute wrap is $30.

Winter Spice and All Things Nice, Salamander Resort and Spa, Middleburg, Va.

Sound like the name of a winter fairytale? The Salamander Resort's Winter Spice and All Things Nice is all things warm and relaxing.

It begins with a hot stone massage, moves on to include a carrot cranberry facial and carrot moisturizers and wraps up with a warm-stone eye treatment and beeswax lip conditioning. This nearly three-hour warming indulgence costs $325.

Champagne of the Sea, Spa Aquazul, San Diego

And finally, back to that fabulous San Diego treatment.

Champagne of the Sea begins with, well, what else but a glass of champagne to get the treatment off to a good start?

There's also a full-body, dry-brush skin exfoliation, which readies the skin for absorption of the products that come next a frothy, self-warming mud made from seaweed plucked from a bay in Mont Saint-Michel, France. Once the mud is applied, a therapist wraps you in foil and a thermal blanket.

As the mud goes to work detoxifying and ridding skin of impurities, and you drift off peacefully in the warm wrap, the therapist conducts either a scalp or foot massage.

The treatment concludes with full body moisturizer application.

The cost of thawing out in style in San Diego is $120.