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After massive layoffs, millions of people across the country are seeking job opportunities.

Years ago, the help wanted section of the newspaper was a good place to turn for employment ads. Now, finding the right place for ads can be daunting. For those in the job market, the search is a laborious process. However, the process should not be hopeless.

While some companies are closing their doors, and others are freezing the hiring process, there are a number of places you can go online to potentially nab your dream job.

Before you give up, here are a few suggestions of where to start looking for prospective employment:

Linkedin: A social networking Web site that hosts a job module that provides exclusive employments listings based on your criteria.

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TheStreet Recommends A popular Web site that provides an online listing of careers throughout the world.

USAJobs: The official web site for jobs with the Federal Government.

Simply Hired: The Web site searches more than four million job postings across the web to compile a list of job opportunities.

Indeed: A one-stop shop to search all jobs online.

Career Builder: Lists more than 1.6 million employment opportunities for individuals seeking a job.