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As reported by our sister site, “Talk that President Obama may give Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner the boot won't seem to go away.”

They also give their list of 5 possible Tim Geithner replacements, all of them probably very serious and well-researched options.

But some take issue with the fact that Tim Geithner, and his predecessor Hank Paulson, Jr., were too “insidery” given their close ties to the financial world. Maybe what we need is an outsider—a true rebel to represent the interests of Real America and give Wall Street the shaft.

If President Obama does decide to toss Geithner in favor of an outsider, here are our 5 picks. Get some fresh blood in there, Mr. President!

1. Mike “The Situation” from MTV’s Jersey Shore. No one could be more of an outsider. Fleeting fame recipient and legitimate tough guy Mike could not be more of a Wall Street outsider. According to his cast page on, “He knows what he wants from his summer at the Jersey Shore and is not going to let anything stop him from getting it—even his roommates. The way he sees it, he has the situation under control.” Today, annoying roommates, tomorrow fist pumping with the likes of Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein. Sounds like just the strong leader we need!

2. Julia Allison. Typically, a Treasury Secretary starts off with a fair amount of public goodwill, which gradually erodes over time. Let’s try the opposite: start with someone who has very little public goodwill. She has nowhere to go but up.

3. Brad Pitt. He’s already got the wise, avuncular goat beard. Now he should get the job to go with it.

4. Mel Gibson. Because he’d probably have no problems working with anyone in the financial industry. He’s a real mensch.

5. Conan O’Brien. A natural communicator, a smart guy (Harvard grad!), and a born leader. Also: we hear he is looking for work.

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