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To truly be an industrious employee, you must first have the necessary tools that will help you be most productive. Here are five essential items you should always have at your workstation and where you can get them for less:

1. Flash Drives
These portable, tiny drives can hold up to 1 gigabyte or more of data. You can load pictures, videos, documents and spreadsheets onto these chewing-gum sized drives to back up data or transport it from one system to another. Staples is a great resource for flash drives under $15, and this company offers a price-match guarantee on all items in stock. This means that they will match a competitor’s advertised price at checkout, or refund you the difference if you find the same item somewhere else for less within 14 days of purchase.

2. Notebooks
Notebooks are essential office supplies that can be much cheaper when purchased in bulk. Even if you don’t use a lot of notebooks, you might consider splitting the cost of these items among your co-workers to obtain the best per-unit price. Office Depot offers multi-packs of notebooks in various sizes at under one dollar per unit. Discount clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club can also be superior resources for bulk office supplies like notebooks, pens, paper and memo pads.

3. Pen Holders
Organizing your writing utensils can help streamline your desk and increase productivity. Although this may sound overly simple, searching for pens is something that every office worker knows all too well. In addition to organizing your pens, holders can also prevent office theft by making it easy to keep track of your pen count at any given time. You can buy pen holders and entire desk sets at most retail office supply stores, but why not save some money? Recycle an old coffee mug with a broken handle or cracked lip and use it to store writing utensils.

4. Calendars
Calendars help you organize appointments and effectively manage your time. Instead of spending money on leather-bound calendars or large desk options, why not print out your own calendars for free? Web sites like offer printable monthly and yearly options. You can even personalize your calendars with photos, logos and clip art at no charge. You can make black and white or color calendars in seconds. Simply choose your view (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly) and start date and print.

5. Post-Its
These handy sticky notes are not what they used to be! Now, parent company 3M makes a wide range of Post-It products, from paper notes to bookmarks to digital notes. You don’t have to buy name brand items, but you can get ideas from the 3M website for products that can help you do business better. For example, you might consider having your large sticky notes cut by a professional paper cutter into bookmark size instead of buying pre-cut options.

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