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Treating your pets like family means offering your best friends nothing but superior treatment, which often means spending the same amount of money, or more, than you’d spend on yourself.

For those who are only willing to give their pets the best of the best in food and clothes as well as haircuts, spa treatments and hotels, here are some of the more extravagant options.

1. Delectable Doggie Digs

For high-end pet boarding, pampered city dogs go to the Ritzy Canine Carriage House in New York, which offers a $175 per night large, private presidential suite for your pup with custom bedding, a toy chest, TV and an extensive video library. For $9.50, your dog can get a freshly-prepared dinner of chicken, lamb, steak, or ground beef with rice and vegetables, a meal fit for humans to eat (and some do).  The Carriage House also provides exercise and agility equipment and has a trainer and veterinarian on the premises.  For grooming, your dog can get the works for about $140, including a bath, ear cleaning, manicure and haircut.  A French manicure costs $20.

Not luxurious enough? The Old Town Pet Resort in Springfield, Va. offers hot oil treatments including a bath and grooming for the pampered pooch for $85.  The process takes about 5 hours.

And if you’re planning a hotel stay when traveling with your dog, consider the Loews Hotels (Stock Quote: L) Presidential Pooch package, inspired by President Obama’s search for a White House dog and available through April 29.  Starting at $119, the package includes a one-night stay at one of 17 Loews Hotels for guests and their pets, a patriotic bandana for dogs to wear home and a special “stars and stripes” room service meal made with ground turkey, dried blue corn kernels and cooked sundried tomato fettuccini and star-shaped pasta.  Loews Hotels’ regular pet room service menu offers $15 meals including grilled filet and roasted chicken and rice for dogs.  The hotel charges a regular, one-time cleaning fee of $25.

2. Stepping Out in Style

For a night on the town with your pooch, she’ll really be stylin' in a $3,000 green snakeskin collar. If she's more into a coordinated look and less into walking, go for a Gioia Ostrich Dog Carrier. Made in Italy from ostrich leather, this $12,000 dog carrier has a soft suede and shearling interior, mesh on the sides and top for ventilation, long shoulder straps, and comes with matching ostrich leather collar and leash set.

Of course, you’ll need to keep your pup smelling her best. Sexy Beast perfume is made from a blend of bergamot, vanilla, mandarin and nutmeg oils that’s “100% vegan, 100% safe, 100% sexy,” according to the company. A limited edition 3.4 oz bottle encrusted with Swarovski crystals and engraved with your dog’s name costs $850.

3. Top-Tier Tail-Wagging Travel Time

World travelers can take their dogs with them.  On Virgin Atlantic, for example, pets travel in a cargo hold that’s heated and air-conditioned just like the cabin.  Tickets can cost about the same price as one for a human companion, plus fees for pick up from the aircraft, transportation in an air-conditioned pet quarantine van, customs clearance and ground handling.

For owners of adventurous dogs, a Canadian snowshoeing trip costs $110 per person, including dogs, at Dog Paddling Adventures.  And for those who prefer sailing, a designer life vest is a must have, and can run you about $30.

To keep your dog cozy on camping trips, you’ll need a Ruffwear Bachelor Pad Dog Bed Fleece Dog Bed.  Its 1-inch thermal padding insulates your pooch from the cold, hard ground.

4. Canine Castles

If your dog is more of a stay-at-home type, a comfy bed is a must.  Your pup can sleep in style on a pet sofa from S&H Pet Products, $199, which is made with a memory foam cushion with a microfiber faux suede cover atop two drawers constructed with solid wood, giving you ample space to store toys, treats and clothes.

Want fancier? Buy a faux chinchilla sleigh bed, for $650. A Harlequin Pom-Poms Bed, $1,400, comes with polka dot throw pillows and velvety pom-pom trim.

You can also let your pooch play house in an Aluma Den, $275, that doubles as a living room end table.

For puppy sleepovers, Paris Hilton’s line of dog clothing includes a pink satin nighty, $70. And if you like to dress like your dog and feel like dressing down, a $39 Notorious D.O.G. Hoodie at could be a good look.

5. High-end Paw-traitures

A real dog lover’s home is not complete without a portrait of your best friend.  You can send your favorite picture of your pooch to Renee Grant for a $600 18-by-24 inch painted pet portrait.

If you’d prefer a more lifelike homage to your dog, Wendy Lam at GoofyImage in New York offers photo shoots for dogs, as well as lessons for dog lovers who want to photograph their best friends.  Photo shoot packages starts at $350 and use your dogs' favorite hangouts, like parks, beaches, outdoor cafes or your home, as a backdrops.  Packages include a disk with all images, and custom prints are optional for an additional fee.  Photography lessons start at $250 and combo package start at $400.

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