NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Large-cap energy stocks, major energy-based companies with $10 billion or more in stocks, are a must to watch. While the energy field is no stranger to volatility, after underperforming for the past three years the sector has surged, showing signs of a rebound that has raised it 6.5% this year already.

"There's always something happening -- good or bad -- within the energy industry, whether it's around energy conservation and efficiency or fuel production," says Abe Issa, founder and CEO of Global Efficient Energy, a Texas firm that provides commercial and residential energy solutions.

Here are five notable large-cap energy stocks making upward strides:

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PLL, based in Allentown, Pa., is an energy and utilities holding company that supplies power throughout the U.S. and U.K. via fossil-fuel, nuclear and renewable energy means. While nothing is ever guaranteed in the stock market, analysts are optimistic about this company, predicting it to grow 2.3% over the next decade.

Chesapeake Energy is the second-largest natural gas producer in the U.S. and showed profit last quarter with a 9.61% profit margin. Natural gas prices are expected to rebound once liquefied natural gas exports begin, spurring commerce for this industry and company alike.

With oil energy still a crucial component of the U.S. economy, Chevron is a must to watch year over year. Chevron, a household name and leader in integrated energy, posted a healthy 3.2% dividend this year and a profit margin of 11.09%.

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NextEra Energy is a renewable energy utility. Over the past decade, NextEra has shown growth of about 6% each year. NextEra sets itself apart by offering nuclear energy, important due to its environmental advantages and lowest per-watt cost.

Spectra Energy is a natural-gas pipeline company connecting supply sources to major markets. Spectra shows strong growth, reporting a cash flow of $324 million in the year's first quarter versus $73 in the year prior.

"Trends in energy are shifting, with more emphasis on renewable options, though historical industries within the sector, such as oil, are still prominent," Issa says. "Selecting stocks with profitability potential is important, but I stress diversity ... the industry can be volatile."

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