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1. Work Study
By far, work study jobs are the some of the best options for college students. These positions are typically figured into your financial aid package by your school’s admissions office. You can work in food service, in a certain department office or in groundskeeping. Work assignments are normally on (or close to) campus and are built around your school and study schedules. Employers are much more lenient with your hours in general, because they know you are attending school and are participating in work study.

2. High School Tutor
Find a local high school near your college campus to earn extra money as a tutor. You can help students with just about anything, and can often earn upwards of $20 to $30 an hour or more in large cities. Some universities also have peer tutoring programs designed for upperclassmen to work with underclassmen within the same school. You can also contact your school’s athletics department to inquire about athlete tutoring programs.

3. Resident Assistant
An RA position is ideal for students who are in their sophomore year or above. You will be responsible for the safety of students on your floor in your dorm, enforcing dorm rules and organizing social events. Your duties are often performed in exchange for free room and board, in addition to a small stipend at many schools. Perhaps the best perk, though, is the larger room you'll likely get in your dorm, as well as a budget for social gatherings and monthly meetings.

4. Focus Groups or Research Studies
For an hour or two of your time, you can earn quick cash (typically $20 to $100 or more) by participating in product focus groups or research studies. Sites like often post local opportunities near universities. You can also earn money participating in medical research studies.

5. Internships
Although they often don’t pay well (if at all!) internships are superb jobs for college students interested in specific industries such as business, journalism, fashion, cooking and finance. In these positions, you can earn college credit as well as obtain valuable experience in your chosen career path. In some cases, internships can often lead to full-time positions with companies post-graduation, particularly if you return to summer internships year after year. These jobs can be very impressive on resumes and can help you stand out among other recent graduates during the job hunt after school. You can also apply for fast-track internship programs from companies like Proctor & Gamble (Stock Quote: PG) that look to invest in young college students to help groom them into long-term employees.

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