401(k) Safety No. 1 Economic Fear, Poll Finds

Survey shows 401(k) concerns are biggest worry on Main Street.
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Stock market declines are the biggest economic concern among consumers as they watch the value of their 401(k) retirement accounts dwindle, according to a survey by


, a personal finance Web site that helps consumers track their spending.

Market jitters have become a bigger concern than the crisis in the financial services industry and the housing market malaise, prompting consumers to pay closer attention to household budgeting and cost cutting, the survey found.

Here are the full results:

Question 1: "What is your biggest concern with the economy right now?"

36.11% -- Rapid decline in the stock market and its impact on 401(k)s and other investments.

30.56% -- Collapse and subsequent banking crisis and the short- and long-term ability for banks to lend money.

19.44% -- Falling home values and the potential of massive foreclosures.

11.11% -- Other.

2.78% -- Escalating gas and heating prices and the resulting ability for people to pay bills.

Question 2: "Given our economy what aspect of your finances are you focusing on right now?"

33.33% -- Budgeting: understanding where my money goes and what I can cut back on.

30.56% -- Debt reduction: paying off those credit cards to get a firmer financial footing

19.44% -- Savings: beefing up my 'rainy day' fund because things are so uncertain

16.67% -- Investing: taking advantage of the down markets - buying low

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