30 Companies Pitching in During the COVID-19 Pandemic

From making hand sanitizer out of vodka to housing healthcare workers, businesses are helping out in the global pandemic.
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Disasters happen. When there’s a wildfire, we turn to the fire fighters to put it out. We turn to the military when there’s an invasion. But a pandemic isn’t local, and nearly every aspect of society is affected -- the health care system, education, food supply, transportation, government and the economy as a whole. Everyone is affected, and everyone pitches in, whether it’s those of us who simply stay home to the health care workers who risk their lives to care for the sick.

Companies pitch in, too. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s corporate aid tracker lists 600 companies from to AbbVie  (ABBV) - Get Report to Zymergen that are pitching in around the world to help with the COVID-19 crisis.

From the hotels that house the homeless and the healthcare workers, to the breweries, wineries and distilleries that switched production to making hand sanitizer and the auto manufacturers who made ventilators, here are 30 examples of companies that are pitching in to help out in the pandemic.

30 Companies Pitching in During the Pandemic