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30 Cities Regaining Jobs the Fastest

As the pandemic drags on in the U.S., some cities are recovering, somewhat. This is the dent these cites have made in their jobless rates.

As cases of coronavirus abated in New York, they surged in other states. Businesses reopened, businesses shut down again. It’s been whiplash for five months in the U.S.

Through it all, cities that rely heavily on industries such as tourism, energy, retail, and small business have been hit hard economically, while those focused in financial services and other global services industries have felt lesser impacts, according to the Brookings Institute.

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Jobs recovery is spotty across the nation. The Brookings’ Metro Recovery Index presents data across a variety of indicators to provide a picture of the impact of the crisis and its trajectory of recent change for individual metropolitan areas.

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The indicators track impacts and trajectories in three major categories: the labor market, the real estate market, and other areas of economic activity and is updated at least monthly. Based on this tracker, these are the metro areas with the greatest jobs recovery, compared with last month (full- and part-time nonfarm jobs, seasonally adjusted.)

Note that these are gains in jobs, and that these numbers show only a dent in the unemployment. In hard-hit Las Vegas, for example, unemployment was as high as 34% in April, according to the St. Louis Fed.

This list includes the 15 metro areas with populations of 500,000 to 1 million and 15 metros with populations over 1 million that are recovering the most.