30 Fun Activities and Hobbies Where You Can Still Keep Your Distance

Looking for something fun to do? Consider a new hobby, one that gets you out and gets you moving, while putting plenty of distance between you and others.
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People have been doing a lot of walking lately. And walking. And walking. 

While the dogs are loving it, you might be looking for something new to keep you active. As some states reopen or reimpose shutdown orders, it’s hard to keep track of what’s closed and what’s open these days. Businesses like gyms are striving to adapt. Many of your favorite pastimes and the activities that used to keep your kids busy have gone by the wayside.

Health experts seem to agree that keeping your distance from people is one of the best ways to protect yourself from coronavirus and help slow the spread. We’ve compiled this list of activities that you can do to stay fit and have fun, but still keep your distance from others. Some of these you can jump right into, others may require an investment in equipment and training.

For all of these activities, it’s important to remember: Stay within your own community, avoid congregating with people not in your household, bring a mask in case there are situations in which you cannot stay 6 feet from other people, don’t share equipment, and follow the health guidelines in your area. Don’t be reckless. Remember that any activity can potentially cause injury, and if your local hospitals are running at high capacity, you may not be able to get treatment, and would be putting more demand on the healthcare system.